Our services begin with you! 

Financial Planning is an ongoing process to help you make sensible decisions about money that can help you achieve your goals in life; it’s not just about buying products like a pension or a bond.

It might involve putting appropriate wills in place to protect your family, thinking about how your family will manage without your income should you fall ill or pass away prematurely or spending money differently. But it involves thinking about all of these things together, i.e. your ‘plan’.  You can build a plan on your own, or if your needs are more complex, you might want the assistance of a Financial Planner. 


  1. Establish your goals in life - short, medium and long term.
  2. Work out what assets and liabilities you have - write them down.
  3. Evaluate your current financial position - how close are you to achieving your goals?
  4. Develop your plan - create a ‘route map’ for achieving your different goals.
  5. Implement your plan - make the changes and make it happen.
  6. Monitor and review your plan at least yearly and make adjustments when needed.


In order to meet your goals in life it’s imperative that you ensure you have access to the right advice for confidence and peace of mind that your financial future is secure.

Prioritise them, and think about the likely cost of those goals and when you will need access to the money so you can start to plan your finances to work out how to achieve them.

Don’t forget you also have to plan for some of the hurdles you may have to overcome too.

It’s about getting organised; being in control of your finances rather than letting your finances control you.


By planning your finances to meet your goals you will:

  • Have a much greater confidence of where you are going in life.
  • Reduce your stress levels and start to enjoy life more.
  • Gain control and peace of mind through knowing whether you’re on track for the future you want for you and your family.


We are committed to giving you expert and dependable guidance to help you gain the best benefits across your finances.

 Step By Step Engagement

  1. We’ll arrange a face to face meeting with you at one of our offices or at a convenient location for you.  If it is more convenient, we can also arrange a Skype meeting.
  2. You’ll meet with one of our fully trained specialist advisers to talk through how we can help you transfer your investments overseas when you migrate, safely and tax-efficiently.
  3. You'll then have the opportunity to engage us to analyse your entire financial position and prepare a report.
  4. We’ll create a plan that’s tailored to your individual circumstances, needs and aspirations.
  1. We’ll prepare a strategy to support the plan and schedule further meetings with you to explain, discuss and confirm details.
  2. When you’re happy and satisfied we’ll implement those recommendations.
  3. To ensure your pensions and investments continue to work hard for you, we’ll work with you in your new country of residence to finalise implementation.
  4. We’ll keep you updated with any news that might affect your portfolio on a regular basis.


When it comes to fees and charges, you need to be absolutely confident you are getting excellent value for money.

First meeting at our expense

We offer all new clients an initial meeting which is at our expense and without any obligation.  This can take place at one of our offices or at a convenient location for you.  If it is more convenient, we can also arrange a Skype meeting.

Following this first meeting, we will provide you with a personalised engagement letter which confirms the services we can provide and the exact costs of these services.

Total Transparency

We are remunerated by fee, commission and sometimes both.  We will disclose all our costs to you and make sure you understand these and are in agreement.


The Directors and staff of Imperius Wealth Ltd are committed to providing the highest standard of financial advice possible. As a firm we take the requirements of the Australian industry regulator, the ‘Australian Securities and Investments Commission’ very seriously, and in particular the requirement to treat our customers fairly. We strive to do this in everything we do. We adhere similarly to such philosophies when handling any migration matters for you. 

We undertake that all of our actions will be guided by the principle that the interests of our customers are paramount. Our systems and procedures are designed to place our customers at the heart of our business.


In our dealings with you, you can expect that we will:-

  • Be independent when providing whole of market advice.
  • Be open and transparent in the way we deal with you.
  • Not place our interests before yours.
  • Communicate clearly and without the use of jargon.
  • Inform you of our charges before undertaking any work for you.
  • Deal with any complaints promptly and fairly.

As examples of how the principles and guidelines mentioned above work in practice in our business we've set out below details of what you can expect from us in various areas of our business.


You can expect that we will:-

  • Only recommend strategies suitable to your situation.
  • Only recommend suitable financial plans, investments and other products after obtaining sufficient information about your circumstances in order to make suitable recommendations.
  • Our recommendations will be guided only by what is best for our clients.
  • Set out in writing and in clear concise terms what we have recommended, any particular strategy, investment or product.
  • Inform you in advance of our charges and how these should be paid. If, consequent to our recommendations, any commission or fee in lieu of commission is paid because you invest in any product or investment, we will advise you how much this is - as per your Client Agreement.
  • Advise you about any conflict of interest that may arise between us as soon as we can after becoming aware of this.
  • Keep comprehensive records of our dealings with you and record your attitude to risk.
  • Monitor your investments and other financial products where appropriate and where agreed between us. We will ensure that you are kept fully informed of their performance.


  • You can expect that in all communications with you we will be polite, courteous and honest.
  • When we write to you we will be clear and straightforward; we will try not to use jargon and technical terms. We will be happy to discuss or clarify any matter.
  • We will remunerate and incentivise our staff in ways which encourage them to deal with our clients fairly and impartially and to continually find ways to improve our service.
  • You can expect all of our staff to be fully trained for their roles and in treating our customers fairly. All of our advisory staff are qualified financial advisors and are fully trained in respect of the strategies, investments and products on which they advise.


  • If you have any reason to complain about any aspect of our service, you can expect that your complaint will be dealt with professionally, impartially and in accordance with the rules laid down by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • We are insured as required by the rules laid down by ASIC.
  • We will provide details of our complaints policies and procedures on request.
  • We hope that you find using our services a pleasant and straightforward experience.
  • We actively seek comments and observations about the way we deal with our customers and would encourage you to contact us if you have any comments on the way we deal with you.