Imperius Wealth is a boutique financial planning firm established in 2017.  With offices in the UK, Australia and Ireland, we provide financial planning advice for residents in all three jurisdictions. 

All of our advice is underpinned by the meticulous financial planning we undertake for each of our clients in both the UK and Ireland and their ultimate destination in Australia by our fully licenced and highly qualified advisers, several of which are also dual authorised and in some cases trial authorised.

  • UK residents- financial planning advice from our UK office.
  • Irish residents- financial planning advice from our Irish office.
  • Australian residents- financial planning advice from our Australian offices.


These are the key beliefs that we bring to financial planning both in the initial stage and over time:-

  • We provide financial planning for fees, never for commission. This eliminates conflicts of interest that cloud objectivity.
  • We incorporate all aspects of financial planning as we evaluate your situation: retirement, investment, estate tax, education, insurance, charitable, business and life goal planning.
  • The beginning of our process focuses on helping you discover and document your specific and unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It is critical to formulate your vision of your future lifestyle in your country of choice; your desires and aspirations as well as basic needs.
  • To create your plan, it is necessary to test this vision against your current reality, in an utterly honest way. Truly understanding the gaps between the two helps identify planning strategies can can best align your current assets and future financial decisions with your vision for the future.
  • It is critical to review and measure your progress continually and regularly. Your plan will certainly evolve and may change dramatically over the years. A financial plan is a work-in-progress, never a finished document.